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Are you a member of American Notaries?  Would you like to get a piece of your writing in front of a wide audience?

American Notaries is currently accepting guest blog contributions from our members.

As a professional industry magazine, we encourage our members to submit original content for our consideration.  Provided your content meets our guest blogging guidelines, we will be happy to publish your work on our blog.  This is your opportunity to showcase yourself before our substantial audience of interested readers


Please note the following guest blogging guidelines.  These guidelines are strictly enforced to enable us to provide our readers with valuable, high-quality, and timely content from the greatest thinkers in our industry.

  • All content must be longer than 300 words.
  • Content can contain relevant videos and images to enhance the reader’s experience
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  • Content with obvious keyword stuffing will not be approved.


While affiliate and unnecessary outbound links are not permitted, reasonable backlinks to your site in original content that makes a genuine contribution to our magazine are always welcome.  This is your unique opportunity to contribute your original content to American Notaries.


Copyright Policy

Please note our copyright policy.

If any plagiarism or other copyright issues are detected in content submitted to us by you, we will immediately remove your profile and all previous and current blog posts from American Notaries.  You will be banned from the American Notaries website.

By submitting your original content to American Notaries, you transfer ownership and all copyright entitlements in that content to us.

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