Now let’s say you’ve been appointed as a notary public in your state. You’ve successfully rounded up your training program and have now become certified in the National Notary Association. You went ahead, studying sample loan documents and even gone as far as signing up for essential online notary directories. Finally, out of the blue, you are finally assigned your very first notary assignment!

So you ask, what’s next? What do you have to do to ensure your documents are entirely free from mistakes? How can you prepare yourself both mentally and physically?

Here are some essential steps you can take to ensure you are ready for your first notary assignment;


Starting your notary business

Your first business transaction is your very first signing. Although, there are certain factors you will need to put in place before your first signing. Some of the basics you should have covered are;


Get traffic as a Notary Public in your state

This is your first step towards your goal. There are different requirements and rules needed to achieve this feat and it also varies from state to state. So, checking out your Secretary of State’s notary requirements before getting started is definitely a good idea. An upside about this is that the NNA offers step-by-step instructions and classes for each state, which makes the commissioning process less difficult.

Please note that you will require a notary stamp and journal before rounding up your first notarization. You can go online and search for relevant sources, but the NNA is still the best option to get the necessary materials.


Get certified

Obviously, the National Notary Association’s (NNA) Signing Agent Certification is the standard for all industries. Some establishments will not employ notaries who don’t have this kind of certification.


keep up your training

There are countless and exciting resources that can help you mature as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. Are you in search for more business advice? Are you feeling indifferent about loan signings? then, you should research various training programs and compare the costs vs benefits of each program as long as they are related to your business. 


let everyone know you

If you intend to successfully market your notary business, then I recommend you partner with many signing services and notary directories. American Notaries should be your first choice.

Being a part of the system of these signing companies can benefit you a lot, because they work directly with businesses and title companies who need frequent notary services. Directories (example, the American Notaries site) provides a platform where individuals or companies looking for a notary can find potential clients like you. Do a little research to weigh the pros and cons of these services to see which of them are worth your time and investment.

Once you finally get the job, your next daunting task will be your first assignment. Be reminded of the fact that in this field, you are required to be an expert even though you have no formal training or experience. Even though you have prepared yourself mentally for this task, it is normal to feel anxious at the beginning. The first step is to make sure to understand the requirements of the signing.


When you have successfully understood all the details and properly reviewed any instructions provided, you will need to pay a visit to the signer to clear out any misunderstanding about the details of your appointment. Remember to remind the signer about the specific documentation or check during your visit to confirm your appointment. If the signer is out of reach, keep trying before you proceed further, make sure to contact him/her. Text, call or email them if you have permission to do so.


Once your details have been confirmed, you probably need to print out the documents, unless they are being mailed to you. Make sure to print them out on the right sized paper, as stated in the instructions.


Create time to review the package so that you are prepared to explain the necessary documents and know where signatures are needed. You could decide to rehearse what you will say, it helps prepare you better; many training programs provides you with a script to get you started.


A little tip; try to mark each spot where a signature is required with a sticky tab. If you do this, you are less likely to miss any signatures and you will leave a good impression on your signer.

After you’ve successfully taken the necessary steps to get your business ready, you’ve also gotten your first signing assignment, and you’ve taken the time needed to review the documents and instructions to further corroborate your success, then, it’s time for the moment of truth.


Once you have finished signing, you then need to follow the specific instructions to return the signed documents. You may need to be scan back or mail back the documents, or both. By reading instructions and following the instructions very carefully, you are encouraging more work from this client.


Successfully completing your first signing gives you more confidence and makes you feel more comfortable. The more signing deals you get and complete, the more it becomes easier for you. By following the steps and tips provided, the entire signing process will begin to feel natural to you and your confidence will increase with every new assignment.

This should make you feel very proud of yourself because you’ve successfully set up your own business, and your first signing which is your first transaction was completed successfully! Congratulations!