Since notary agents are humans, they are very much not above mistakes. These mistakes can be easily avoided if you only know what they are. As a notary signing agent we are required to have the right skill sets and information needed to carry out any signing at any time. Notary signing officers must be thorough and precise when carry out their duties and must avoid any mistake at all costs. Notary officers are the only sets of people an investor or a borrower will meet face to face when requesting a loan from a lender. Your ability to smoothingly close the signing process which may or may not be one of the biggest signing deals of the borrower, as a notary signer can greatly improve your standing in your company or in the eyes of your employer. So, avoiding any and all forms of mistake that could further delay the signing process to effectively close the deal should be avoided.

Luckily, these common mistakes can be easily avoided with just a little extra effort. Here are some of the mistakes you must avoid as a notary officer;

  1. Always read and follow instructions

To avoid this mistake never assume that all signing instructions are the same. As easy as it sounds most notary agents always tend to ignore this rule. When a particular officer continually performs a particular work for the same company, it becomes very easy to assume that the instructions are the same, which can then lead to these agents making mistakes.

As a notary signing agent, if you continue to perform the same singing service for a particular company, you should do well to remember that most lenders have different requirements and procedures. These requirements can range from the signing pattern of the borrower to the different accepted forms of recognition. When the signing is complete knowing how and when to return the signed document as a signing officer is important for a successful signing. 

This common mistake can be easily corrected by simply reading the instructions of the signing process. If you are not sure about anything, always ask questions to clarify any doubts you have about the signing. Your ability to ask questions about the signing process will help you prevent unnecessary mistakes and speed up the process exponentially.

  1. Losing copies of a document

Your lack of preparation is what usually causes you to miss copies of your clients documents. Sometimes, as part of the signing process, there may be some documents that may require additional copies, depending on the situation. This requirement can easily be missed if you fail to read the instructions before starting the signing process. For instance, lenders may request for additional copies of one or two of the signing documents, let’s say copies of the means of identification or a credit card statement, attached to the return package. Missing copies of the signing documents just shows are unprepared and nonchalant you are towards the signing process.

  1. Failure to read through signing documents in detail 

We all know that sometimes our day jobs can become very exhausting and daunting to cope with, esoecially when we are just too busy, and trying to balance our personal lives with our professional lives. But nevertheless, as a notary officer, no matter your busy schedule, having a specified time to review and become acquainted with your documents is entirely non-negotiable. It is the most basic step to a successful signing process and it shows your level of preparation. When you spend the necessary time needed to familiarize yourself with your signing documents, as a signing agent, there is a huge amount of comfort and relief that comes with the review process, and a subsequent feeling of self-satisfaction, knowing that you understand each of the documents in the signing.

A useful tip to all signing agents is to use the “sign here” stickers for pages that requires signatures. This will help you prevent missed signatures in your documents and attracy some degree of appreciation from your colleaguues, signers and customers.

  1. Making mistakes with dates

If you have closed so many signing deals in the previous year, you may likely develop the habbit of writing your dates based on that same year, forgetting a new year has already startwd. Don’t get too self absorbed in your work and try to beak that habit of living in the past.

  1. Mismatching the signatures in your documents

When your borrowers sign their documents, always remember to tell them to sign exactly where their names appear on the documents. This will help you avoid any mismatching signature in your documents.

  1. Always make plans for your signing process

As a notary officer, you should definitely have your own schedule you work with. Since basically, you are your own boss, you have a wide range of freedom and liberty that most office jobs don’t provide. This huge degree of freedom actually makes you very accountable to yourself. Use this time to re-assess your aims and prioritise your work load. Don’t become veey unreasonable in the goals you set for yourself. It is better to start slow and steady as a newbie to the signing process, then as your level of experience increases, you can then add more to your work load.

Always be prepared for any notary signing process

As humans, when we meet someone we are interested in for the first time, we are advised to make a good first impression. The same thing goes for notary signing agents. Only difference is the first impression usually starts when the accept the first signing deal and only ends when the accepted documents for the signing peocess has been received and approved. It is like an everlasting first impression.

If you want to ensure success in all your endeavours, not only as notary agents but as humans in society, then you should make sure you are truly prepared for any task that comes your way. There is no guarantee that mistakes will not happen, but your tenacity and ability to combat and successfully prevent such mistakes makes you a one in a million notary signing agent.