Do you know why your employees work for you? Suppress the desire to roll your eyes and respond with the no-brainer statement/question, “Uh… because they get paid?!”

The question of why employees work for you, and why they choose to engage in their work, may very well be the key to winning the ongoing employee engagement battle. Yet, few organizations are able to answer it in any depth.

The Employee Value Proposition

As customers, we have a perception of a company’s brand. We reason that “ABC company is known for their high quality, but XYZ company’s products are more affordable.” Or, “I refuse to shop at the mall store because their customer service is horrible!”

The brand (or perception of that brand) dictates the clientele and, often, the experience. An important part of that brand is Customer Value Proposition or CVP. The CVP defines the value of a firm’s products or services to the consumer. It answers the question, “Why should I buy from you?”